The RBLM Motor Lab

The RBLM motor lab addresses the needs of all students in task-oriented circuit training, supported by consistent, foundational exercises, offering developmental support for the sensory and motor systems.

The Ready Bodies, Learning Minds Motor Lab

The aim of the Ready Bodies Motor Lab is to be campus-wide. Each student on site attends regularly during the week. Some classes are in a rotation with art and music. Some run for 20 minutes daily. We all know adding a new program is often difficult for schools. ANY time spent with the children doing this program will be beneficial, and the RBLM program is designed for easy adaptability for your situation and budget.

If the first 5 minutes of library time or computer class time is set aside to lead them in only two activities, their responsiveness to the teacher will be greatly enhanced. If the teacher must keep “bouncer” students in from recess to complete their work, it is likely that these same students would benefit from 5-10 minutes of Ready Bodies activities. These activities are designed to stimulate and develop the reflex, tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular, visual and auditory systems. Jumping as he spells the words he missed, crawling or creeping to the reading center, or doing tornadoes at the whiteboard prior to his writing assignment will help his systems operate.

Goals of Motor Lab

About Us

Athena Oden, P.T. and author of the Ready Bodies Learning Minds workshop and curriculum, is widely known across the US for her down to earth approach to teaching and the practical and powerful nature of the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds program. Whether it is a presentation to hundreds of therapists or on the floor with children in a Ready Bodies Motor Lab, Athena is driven by the sincere desire to apply her knowledge to help those that choose to work with her.