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Motor Lab Ready Room
Motor Lab in the Ready Room!

Athena and Ready Bodies, Learning Minds is so excited to see the motor lab idea in practice at Abilene Education Foundation at Ward Elementary!  How exciting that they are already seeing the difference it can make with students! “Many of us take for granted how our bodies operate, and especially how the experiences our bodies teach us help us to understand the world around us. So, how is

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Motor Lab in Action

The Ready Bodies, Learning Minds Motor Lab is designed as a classroom center or campus-wide curriculum that can be easily administered. It is a time-tested and powerful, delivering results quickly. Can be used for ALL students – special education, at-risk, and regular education

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RBLM coming to your neck of the woods!

We are so excited to announce our new public seminars for 2020! Join us for our two-day seminar covering the Developmental Overview of all populations.  Athena Oden, P.T., author of the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds workshop and curriculum, will present her new seminar Ready Bodies, Learning Minds: Cultivating the Complete Child corresponding to her book.   The registration includes a copy of the new book, which contains the curriculum, motor lab activities

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Missionary Trip

Ready Bodies, Learning Minds is so excited to share our experience of our recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Athena Oden was so thrilled to be invited to the Makarios School to share the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds program.   We were able to meet, observe, and train with their amazing staff.  Athena spent a week immersed in their school and community and learned so much about all

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RBLM in Motion

We have the pleasure of working with the Nixa Public School over the last few years.  Nixa Public Schools has implemented the Ready Bodies Learning Minds curriculum with much success in their schools. For more information on their program, check out the following article and video.

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RBLM Motor Lab

The RBLM motor lab addresses the needs of all students in task-oriented circuit training, supported by consistent, foundational exercises, offering developmental support for the sensory and motor systems.

About Us

Athena Oden, P.T. and author of the Ready Bodies Learning Minds workshop and curriculum, is widely known across the US for her down to earth approach to teaching and the practical and powerful nature of the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds program. Whether it is a presentation to hundreds of therapists or on the floor with children in a Ready Bodies Motor Lab, Athena is driven by the sincere desire to apply her knowledge to help those that choose to work with her.