Ready Bodies, Learning Minds; Cultivating the Complete Child

Concepts, Strategies, and Motor Labs for All Children

Online Course

What is the sensory-motor connection to the academic success of children?
Why do they fall out of chairs, hold their pencils tightly, chew their shirts?
How can a motor lab help? We recognize physical activity is important to learning, but why?
 RBLM explores our physiological systems within the context of the dynamics systems theory, embodied cognition, and our current culture of education.
This intermediate program was created to support the developmental, motor, sensory, and academic growth of ALL students—special education and autism, at-risk, and regular education. In a pro-active manner this research-based strategy is also being used as a Response to Intervention resource and program. This presentation will highlight intrinsic movements (also known as reflexes), developmental and educational theories, classroom strategies, handwriting, and behavior.
The Ready Bodies Motor Labs will be demonstrated by classroom participants and videos of school students. The activities are designed to be implemented as an individual intervention to be used by a therapist, as a classroom center or activity, as an adaptive physical education, or as a campus-wide curriculum. The program is simple to administer and can be used for all students.
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