Screening Reports

Ready Bodies, Learning Minds Screening Report is a tool for therapists to evaluate children. Includes one set of 20 screening reports to be used along with the Screening Report Manual that can be purchased separately if you are in need of more screening report forms.


The Ready Bodies, Learning Minds Screening Report is intended as a companion to the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds program, curriculum and sensory motor lab. As such, the purpose of this tool is to assist the therapist in identifying intervention strategies that will be most helpful to the child.

Highlights of the Screening Report:

  • Can be administered in 20-30 Minutes
  • Useful for children from ages 5 to adult
  • Allows the evaluation to take place in a natural environment , such as the Ready Bodies Motor Lab
  • Investigates multiple systems in an organized way
  • Characterizes the quality of the child’s response
  • Allows for situations involving problem-solving through motor planning
  • Reveals clusters of possible issues and assists in focusing interventions
  • Includes photos of each subtest for clarity within the Scoring and Administration section
  • Contains sections on Theoretical Framework, Overview, Interpretation, and References
  • Features Motor Skill Levels for 2-5 year-olds, Cue Cards, and Sample Protocol

You must be a licensed Therapist, diagnostician, or nurse to purchase this book. Please put your state issued license number when ordering. It may be verified with your state licensing agency.